Early Childhood

BishopMlungisi Erasmus Malungani was born at Nkomo Village near Giyani in Limpopo Province, South Africa on the 17th February 1963. He is the fourth born child of MageziJoseph “Xikotikoti”Malungani and MashawuNoriaMalungani

His birth of was characterisedby unusual occurrences that attempted to thump his life before he even saw the light of day. It was not until the thirteenth month of pregnancy that his mother felt the birth pangs being alone in the mud hut and everyone in the family having lost hope if ever the baby shall ever be delivered alive. Unaided she travailed for her relief and strangely just after successfully giving birth, a big hole gorged open in the middle of the mud hut and the poor mother and the baby fell into it. Eventually, after a tussle that would have lasted for almost an hour she managed to save the life of her new born son.

Growing up in the rural impoverished family was not easy, often going without food for days and being desolate lacking basic necessities.  When he was at the tender age of 4, it was soon realised that Mlungisi was Epiletic – the sickness that saw him unconsciously fell into the fire and burnt his back as a child.

Along with the poverty and sickness that shadowed the life of Mlungisi and his family, the family was also tormented by witchcraft and demonic forces that enchanted the life of Mlungisi as a child. At night the house was haunted by strange bat like creatures that would cling inside the strings of the unevenly thatched mud hut. These creatures used to spit at the sleeping children in the hut such that every morning they would wake up wet and stinking.

Over and above these creatures there were two dreadful dwarfs that used to come every night to suckle Mlungisi’s nipple every night and after that they would beat him and left him swollen for most of the days until he became mentally disturbed.  His breasts were always swollen looking like that of a teenage girl. This continued until he started going to school at the age of 10 and everyone knew him as a “mentally disturbed child” who use derive pleasure from throwing stones at women who were doing washing and fetching water from the nearby river

He started his primary education at Ntshuxekani Primary School at the age of 10 in 1973 and continued there until the school was relocated in 1976 to a new place near his home and was also renamed Nkomo Primary School. He went on to study at GijaNgobe High School at the nearby village.

Encounter with God

As a troublesome and beleaguered child who grew in the family that worshipped ancestors and had never been to church, the concept of God was foreign to Mlungisi. This was until some ladies invited him to church one evening and there he was so touched by the message that the preacher was preaching at the service – the preacher started showing that all the things that torment people at night and scare them are demonic and works of the devil.

After that service he went to be prayed for and he was also taught to call on the name of Jesus when such demonic attacks came to him. That evening when he got home he prayed before he could sleep and just as it was their custom, the two dreadful dwarfs came for their evening suckling and that day when he saw them coming he startled to call the name of Jesus and eventually managed to call the name of Jesus and the two dwarfs fell off and he continued calling the name of Jesus and they went out running saying that they would return and from that day they never returned – his mental illness and swelling was immediately healed from that evening.

He continued going to church and praying in the name of Jesus and everyone could see the remarkable change in his life and this sparkled his passion for the Lord. As he continued being well and sane through going to church his father was not pleased with his newly discovered faith, he persuaded him to leave the church but all his effort were futile. When Mlungisi declared to his family that he was going to be baptised his father disowned him and even expelled him from the family but he continued since to him that was his only hope for living. The animosity with his father continued for almost two years until the inexplicable faithfulness of the Lordreconciled them – His father approached him to ask for forgiveness and also requested to be led to the church so that he should alsobecome a Christian… this humbling experience have left a lasting lesson about the power of forgiveness to Mlungisi’s Christian walk


Driven by the desire to be filled by the Holy Spirit, Bishop Malungani went to the nearby bushes next to his village to pray and listened to a message about the Holy Spirit by ReinhardBonnke and he was filled with the Holy Spirit and began speaking in tongues and preaching to the shrubs around him2.

His calling was preceded by a score of visions that served as a confirmation of God’s calling in His Life.

He saw a vision of people who were tied with chains being led into a dark pit, some were deserted behind toilets (backyards) by their loved ones, some were drinking dirty sewerage water and there was no one to care for them.3

While he was wondering at what he saw on the vision, he heard the voice that commanded him to “Rescue Them”.

Bishop Malungani’s quest for Ministry was later conserved by benevolences of God’s steward who paid for him to enter the Bible College at ABC (Africa Bible College) through Emmanuel Assembly where he began his ministry

In 1987 God commanded MlungisiMalungani to leave his home at Nkomo Village and go to N’wamitwa Village (Mbkekwana) to start a Healing Ministry that is going to be a School of Ministries and a Haven for the destitute…

God set him on course for His vocation to tell the people; “NOT TO BLAME GOD BECAUSE GOD NEVER FAILS”.

It was from this proclamation that the Ministry if Don’t Blame God International (DBGIM) was born and more about the DBGIM

More information about DBGIM can be accessed in


The discovery of music talent came unheeded with no prior preparation or any formal training. It was not until late in 1984 that the music endowment was realized after the life changing encounter that came through the vision he had a vision while praying on the nearbyXikungulubyemountain, he was taken in the spirit where he found himself in the wilderness and heard a voice saying; “Listen, the songs of David”, and different music sounds with beautiful harmonies were heard by his ears.

While listening to the music and harmonies he saw a soiled Bible that was partially tarnish by termites and after picking the Bible he had a Voice that instructed Him to “Read the Bible” and as he was reading there was a sound of a very sweet music that was playing on the background and he was given a guitar and was told to continue playing the Psalms of David. When he woke-up from the vision the music and the beautiful harmonies were still heard in his mind.


He started playing the guitar from a plain plank and thereafter to a self-made guitar out of the Oil canister …and then in 1985 he was given an acoustic guitar where he composed a lot of songs.

His recordings breakout came after being spotted by a Radio Tsonga presenter (RoyRoy), and recorded his first ever album and that opened ways for him to be recorded by Dorothea Radio Ministry forTransworld Radio where the music was played beyond the borders of South Africa in Swaziland and Mozambique.

Later in 1998 he established his own professional Recording Studio called Mlungisi Recording Studios where he produced up to 9 Albums to date. The albums titles are listed below and more about the Albums can be accessed on


Community Services

Mlungisi is an associate Radio Presenter at MunghanaLo’nene FM for – “Hi tshovelaleswi hi swibyaleke” on Tuesdays evenings

He also has a heart for the poor and desolate in our communities – he often helps the needy with accessibilities such as food parcels, educational support, and even building houses for the vulnerable families

He is involved in community development and also established a thriving early child development centre (ECD) called – NkomoKarabo

More information about the community services can be accessed at