Summary of my life

Mlungisi Erasmus Malungani, His calling was preceded by a score of visions that served as a confirmation of God’s calling in His Life. He saw a vision of people who were tied with chains being led into a dark pit, some were deserted behind toilets (backyards) by their loved ones, some were drinking dirty sewerage water and there was no one to care for them.

As he was wondering at what he saw on the vision, he heard the voice that commanded him to “rescue them”.

He also had another vision to preach the Gospel all over the world while he was out praying at Xikungulubye Hill near Nkomo Village. While still praying on the hill, he was taken in the spirit where he found himself in the wilderness, he heard a voice saying; “Listen, the songs of David”, and different music sounds with beautiful harmonies were heard at his ears. While listening to the music and harmonies he saw a soiled Bible that was partially tarnish by termites and after picking the Bible he had a Voice that instructed Him to “Read the Bible” and as he was reading there was a sound of a very sweet music that was playing on the background and he was given a guitar and was told to continue playing the Psalms of David. When he woke-up from the vision the music and the beautiful harmonies were still heard in his mind.

Bishop Malungani’s quest for Ministry was later conserved by an unknown donor who paid for him to enter the Bible College at ABC (Africa Bible College) through Emmanuel Assembly where he began his ministry


He is the Founder of DBGIM


The Ministry was founded in 1987 by Bishop Mlungisi Erasmus Malungani. God commanded Bishop M.E. Malungani to leave his home at Nkomo Village and go to N’wamitwa Village (Mbkekwana) to start a Healing Ministry that is going to be a School of Ministries and a Haven for the destitute…

After many years (1967 – 1977) of being epileptic, tormented by demonic forces and witchcraft that almost took his conscious, Bishop Malungani was delivered from all these adversities and God set him on course for His vocation to tell the people; “NOT TO BLAME GOD BECAUSE GOD NEVER FAILS”.


Granny talks of surprise gift from famous son

On a day in 2012, Don’t Blame God International Ministry founder, Pastor Erasmus Malungani made a gesture to his mother which she says she will not forget as long as she was alive.

“What he did to me will stay in my mind until my last day on earth,” said granny Noria Mashawu Malungani at his home in Nkomo outside Giyani.

The pastor booked his mother at Oasis Hotel in Giyani and on her return after a week she was greeted by a beautiful three roomed rondavel which had been built surprisingly in her absence and which was officially opened as a surprise present.

“When I was being taken to the hotel I was not told why,” she said smiling.

The granny said the pastor is the 4th child she had with her husband Xikotikoti Joseph Malungani.

She said unlike in the case of the other children his was an unusual birth.

“Before he was born I never thought I would survive. I carried him in my tummy for more than twelve months and he was born on the 13th,” she said.

She said she used to be in pains and her husband Xikotikoti was not nearby as he was working away on the farms.

“The day he was born I was alone and gave birth to him unassisted,” she said.

The granny said after the new born came to this world, she went to the neighbouring family to ask for meal mealie to cook soft porridge for the new born and on coming back to the hut where she had left the newly born she found something miraculous.

“I found a big hole had developed and my child was getting inside it. I fell into the donga and injured myself while pulling my children so he does not sink,” she said.



After the saga, the newly born became sickly.

“He grew up like a recluse and nobody understood him not even his father,” she said.


She said she was a traditional healer of note but she could not cure her son who appeared to have a mental illness.

“He used to strum a guitar alone and sometimes he stayed in the bush,” she said.

She said when her son became born again; he went to stay at a family at Mbekwana an area when he has headquarters for his church.

“He stayed with members of the Mtsenga household after he was directed by God to go there. Even the local community complained against his presence telling the family to expel him but the Mtsenga refused,” she said.

She says even members of the community were just opposed to him as a stranger who played music alone but he never lifted a finger to hurt anyone.

Incidentally after he started the church at Mbekwana he went back to Nkomo to start a branch.

“After he started his own church, we all got delivered and I threw away the bones and became a Christian. Even his father died a Christian and he was now close to his son,” she said.

The granny says she felt her son is guided by God and whatever he went through in his early life, God was guiding him something.


“I sometimes cry when I look at my son looking at where we come from,” she said.

She says he is a changed person and even members of the community respects him.

“Now my son lives for God; he builds houses for poor people and even gives clothes to poor people in Mozambique,” says the proud mom.

And Jessica Mdaka, his niece, who lost both her mother and father says her uncle is an amazing person.

“Every months he buys groceries for poor people in different areas and it is like he is living for others,” said Jessica,20, a second year Human Resource Management student at Capricorn FET in Polokwane.

“Whatever I am is because of me, and despite the fact that I have lost my parents he does everything for me just as he does other people,” she said.

Jessica says that above all, her uncle taught her to be prayerful.

“He has also transformed my grand mother from being a traditional healer to a Christian,” she said