Mlungisi Multifacet Services (PTY) LTD is aBlack Economic Enterprise that is based in Mopani District in Limpopo Province. The company is formed to be a cooperative of an amalgamation of a group of companies that were registered for a variety of services were formed to address the perceived needs of the communities in South Africa.

The amalgamation was initiated in 2013 and registered as a Pty (Ltd) with registered number: 2013/126796/07to stratify and create a pool of revenue for the sustainability of projects that would not otherwise thrive without this merger.

Mlungisi Multifacet Services (PTY) LTD is therefore a holding company that trades for the efficiency of the merged companies. The company renders services that extend from Civil Constructions including renovations and repairs, Music Recordings Studios and Marketing, Early Child Development and Life Coaching to Social Welfare and Moral Regenerations.

These activities are geared at creating sustainable employment for all members of the society that are involved in them and continue to find more avenues for creating opportunities for job creations and developments.

  1. Vision

Our vision is to advance the nation by rendering quality services, imparting knowledge and skills

  1. Mission

Mlungisi Multifacet Services (PTY) LTD strive to be a competitive and development partner of choice to improve the lives of the civilians of South Africa by implementing innovations for job creations and promotions of self-discovery and personal dignity

  1. Motto

Our best service is our pride…

  1. Objectives

  • To create sustainable job opportunities
  • Restore self-worth and dignity to the civilians
  • Stimulate innovations for developmental course
  • Promote talents discovery and artistic realizations
  • Create safety-nets for children and promote early education

  1. Development Impact

Mlungisi Multifacet Services (PTY) LTD is positioned to enact social cohesion and bridge a widening gap between the affluent and the poor in our society

We endeavour to restore people’s dignity and harness their unlimited abilities to work towards self enhancement

We uphold the values of Ubuntu where people are inter-linked and resourceful in their achievements